Moving Forward

I believe life is a series of events, lived moment by moment with outcomes that are based on decisions we make, every second. Those decisions are determined by who we believe we are. If I want to change my life, I need to change my perception of myself and what I believe I am worth. If I’ve experienced myself as unworthy, undeserving and poor, chances are that I’m manifesting all of that outwardly. What if I didn’t believe everything that was “sold” to me as my identity. What if there was something new, maybe I could operate in possibility and view myself as worthy, deserving and wealthy. In that moment of clarity a shift takes place and a once dangerous narrative, can now be turned into one of the greatest stories of all time.

It’s the story of YOU. You’re the author of your life with the rest of your life waiting for you to ink the chapters.

Only when you have a proper perspective of YOU, can you operate in the integrity of your creation. You’ll begin to consistently make choices that are in alignment with the wants and desires of your heart and achieve them effortlessly.

If you leave this page with one thing, let it be this… You are not your circumstances, nor are you your past and you’re certainly not BROKEN. Hold your head up sir or ma’am. Take a deep breath in. Hold it, Hold it. Let it ALL out with a sigh. Proceed to smile =)

Give it a try!! What do you have to lose? Ya know, besides all the things that already weigh you down.