“I am going to recognize and recommend someone who has totally changed my perspective and the way I go about setting and fulfilling my goals in life.

After having a baby I was feeling a little lost about where KIM was. I felt the pressure to “bounce back” physically (self imposed), I felt so much fear about being a good mom, and creatively I was stuck. For years I’ve talked about wanting to write, but never able to complete a project I started. Well in the past 3 months, I have lost almost all my baby weight, learned to really work from an empowering place instead of a disempowering place, finished my very first pilot and I’m halfway through a spec show. All while still being able to prioritize my family.

I FEEL LIKE A GODDAMN ROCKSTAR!! I’ve been more productive since working with this life coach than I have in my entire life. And I’m a new mom! A big huge shout out to Anthony Fuller. CHECK HIM OUT! If you need clarity personally, creatively or professionally I can’t recommend a better person!”

Kim C.

Actor, Writer, Awesome Mom